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Non-domestic RHI tariff review provides great hope for GSHPs
Published:  29 May, 2014

The Ground Source Heat Pump Association has welcomed the launch of the revised Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariffs for the non-domestic RHI.

These new rates should be of particular benefit to the Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) sector, with a near doubling of the tariff rates, which will significantly increase the uptake of this HVAC technology.

Along with the domestic RHI tariffs now also in place, the returns offered by this low carbon technology should make GSHPs the most appropriate system choice for many applications.

Simon Lomax, GSHPA chairman said: “It is rewarding that government has responded to expert representations from the GSHPA and delivered revised non-domestic RHI tariffs which will stimulate increased deployment. A near doubling of the tariffs is recognition of the government's intent to support the technology.

“It should be remembered that GSHPs offer huge appeal not just to system owners but also to other stakeholders as any installation is completely unobtrusive, a unique feature among renewable technologies.

“Opposition to more visual technologies is growing so the government is well-served by supporting less controversial installations.”

David Matthews, GSHPA chief executive added: “It will be through the continued relationship between the GSHPA, industry and stakeholders that the GSHP sector will now really begin to grow again.”