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Latest Jallatte catalogue features J-Energy
Published:  31 July, 2017

French premium safety footwear brand Jallatte has launched its new J-Energy collection catalogue, featuring soles made with Infinergy, the new material that absorbs shocks and returns their own energy to the wearer with every step.

The brochure features a choice of Jallatte J-Energy models, all expertly-designed and manufactured with Infinergy, which is made of expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU), as opposed to the traditional PU and was originally used to improve athletic performance, to increase and improve the wellbeing of wearers and add extra spring to their step.

The J-Energy footwear collection is lightweight, comfortable, abrasion, chemical and traction-resistant and extremely resilient and durable in a wide range of temperatures.

J-Energy styles range from the suede S1P SRC Jalpunch SAS to the tough, water-resistant leather Jalpulse SAS S3 SRC boot, with many other styles available to suit all wearers.

Jallatte’s Managing Director, Stuart Thorne, said: “Jallatte, known as the original producer and creator of safety shoes and boots, is always striving to improve the wellbeing of workers with new technologies and solutions.

“Protection from injury, comfort, improved blood flow and increased vigour and vitality come as standard with every pair of Jallatte J-Energy shoes, keeping wearers happy and productive everywhere they go.

“Wearing shoes with Infinergy® is a new and different experience. The J-Energy range returns more than 55% of positive energy, gives the wearer extra oxygen and vastly reduces workplace fatigue. J-Energy takes comfort and technology to a new level. Try it and feel the difference – you won't be disappointed.”