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How construction is going green
Published:  13 December, 2016

With increased pressure on us all to protect the environment we live in, industries across the world are looking at ways that they can do their bit to look after it.

In the construction industry, there’s been a drastic rise and demand for eco-friendly ‘green builds’ to be produced. Traditional building methods and materials are now beginning to be replaced by the aid of modern technology and sustainable materials to minimise damage to our planet, and to ensure that natural resources are being maximised.

Traditional builds are one of the biggest contributors when it comes to carbon footprint and construction companies are involved in planning exactly how they can reduce this, whether it’s through generating clean energy, implementing solar panels onto these new builds, or installing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

For years, buildings have been erected without the planning taking into consideration the long-term impact it may have on the environment; such as what it’s releasing into the air or what effect the demolition of a building may have.

Today, the construction industry is one of the few industries that is directly responsible for taking care of the environment. Focus today is based on creating a structure that will have little or no impact to the environment, and workers will be able to review this, whether it’s through coming up with solutions for reducing water wastage, maximising natural resources or improving air and water quality. Because of this, energy will be saved, and so will the outgoings for the occupants.

The construction industry is set to continue to stay green, which will create numerous benefits for those involved within the building, and those living or working within them. Economically, the expansion of this will require more workers, resulting in job creation, and allow these to develop new skills in both advanced technology and on sustaining the environment. Those investing within the builds will make huge benefits from these properties, regardless of whether they are commercial or residential, as there will be a reduction in operating costs, they will receive tax benefits and the overall value of the property will increase. And, as it’s eco-friendly, they’ll also offer a better and cleaner quality of life that will attract interest from those who will want to live or work within this build. Research has shown that those who work or live in green builds already are leading a happy and improved lifestyle as they they’ll have access to clean air and water, making them feel much healthier. Because of this, they feel that they are much more productive too!

Although there have been concerns raised by builders that going green is a costly process, it’s worth investing in it. The construction industry is aware of the damage they can leave on the environment if they don’t go green, even though it can be avoided. It would prevent us using natural resources that we have available, and leave us contributing to our carbon footprint so it’s vital that the construction industry continues to go green.

Hannah Pennell is a content marketer for Kimberly Access.