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Grange proposes manufacturing restructure
Published:  08 September, 2016

Grange is proposing to restructure its production model. This proposal includes the closure of manufacturing at the company’s site in Telford as the opening of the company’s new production facility in Grudziadz, Poland.

Telford will remain as Grange’s UK headquarters, focusing on sales, marketing and distribution. The new site will enable further commitment to quality, product development and consistency of materials as Grange continues to focus on product differentiation. It is intended that the proposed changes will increase Grange’s production capacity for products such as the Ultimate Panel, as well as the remaining core products in their catalogue currently produced in the UK.

Grange’s planned new distribution site in the South East of England, announced in June, will also enable improved distribution across the UK. This will also aim to shorten lead times, enable further improvements in customer service and create a stronger distribution network working in tandem with the Shropshire distribution site.

Neil Taylor, managing director of Grange, said: “Since the relaunch of the Grange brand in 2015 and its refocus on new product development, the company has experienced significant growth. Grange is now increasing both its production capacity and its supply chain efficiency in order to ensure it can continue to grow with its customers – old and new.”