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Energy efficiency company hit by government cuts is acquired by BillsaveUK
Published:  15 October, 2015

Mark Group’s former management team has acquired the new homes division of Mark Group, and will focus on providing loft and cavity insulation for new homes. 

The division employs more than 200 staff, and BillsaveUK Ltd will be headquartered in Leicester.

The announcement follows on from 939 Mark Group employees being made redundant by the appointed administrator, on October 7, 2015, something the company said was a result of government plans to make cuts to the solar Feed-in Tariff.

BillsaveUK director, Bill Rumble said: “After the shock of last Wednesday, the mood in the team is not one of celebration. Our thoughts are very much with our friends and colleagues who lost their jobs last week. We will continue to do what we can to support them to find new opportunities.

“However, this acquisition will provide secure jobs for more than two hundred staff employed in the new homes operation. BillsaveUK will initially focus on the supply and installation of loft and cavity insulation for new homes to construction companies.”

Thousands of jobs in the energy saving industry have been lost across the country as a result of government’s policy U-turns on energy efficiency and, most recently, solar photovoltaic energy, BillsaveUK said.

“We call on government to take seriously the issue the UK’s inefficient buildings and develop long-term policies to drive down the cost of energy bills,” Mr Rumble said.

“The UK has some of the lowest unit prices of energy in Europe, yet the highest energy bills. One of the reasons for this is this country’s inefficient buildings simply waste too much.

“Addressing this issue and balancing centralised energy generation with more locally produced power using technologies such as solar, will lead to lower energy bills and carbon emissions. Crucially, it will also go a long way to keeping the lights on.”

BillsaveUK has said it does not intend to install solar panels in light of government’s proposals to dramatically reduce support for the technology. It will initially focus on the supply and installation of loft and cavity insulation for new homes to construction companies.

The newly formed company does not have any contracts with power companies to provide services under the government’s Eco programme.