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Parker Building Supplies helps restore Windmill
Published:  20 October, 2014

Parker Building Supplies comes to the rescue after millstone theft.

Parker Building Supplies came to the rescue of the Jack and Jill Windmill in Clayton, West Sussex recently, following the theft of five centuries-old millstones in February last year.

The merchant helped the Bradley family, from Hurstpierpoint, to donate a replacement millstone to the Windmill after they found an intact half-tonne stone buried in their garden while moving a sundial to make way for the children to play outside. They decided to donate the stone to the Windmill, in order to replace one of those that had been stolen.

Michael Bradley, 35, said: "I thought it was a hunk of concrete but when we moved the sundial it revealed it was a millstone. It had to have been there for hundreds of years and sunk."

A friend of the Bradley family happened to be a customer of Parker Building Supplies, and asked the merchant if they could help to move the new stone to the site.

Mr Bradley added: "I never realised how intriguing the windmill was. I run past it three times a week and it is only when you go inside you see it."

Parker Building Supplies' movement of the millstone was featured on the local news: