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CPA praises housing insights report

Published:  01 October, 2009

LONDON: HobsonFord Associates and Barbour ABI's 2009 Housing Market Insights Report has been praised by the Construction Products Association's economic director Noble Francis for "clearly identifying the issues of key importance in the housing market regarding the speed of the recovery and the long-term needs of the country". 

The detailed document examines the latest trends and indicators for the residential and particularly social housing sector of the UK construction market.

Glen Ford, head of the HobsonFord Market Insights team, has closely followed trends in the UK housing market for the past 10 years. He describes the report as "an essential resource for senior executives, with an in-depth review of the UK housing market and future prospects."

Market Insights has details of the 50 leading contractors, clients and social housing projects drawn from Barbour ABI's comprehensive coverage of the UK construction contracts.

Further praise comes from Mark Oliver, managing director of H+H, who said the report is "much more analytical than other forecasts I have seen on the industry."

The eight-page £99 Highlights version costs £99+VAT. The full report can be obtained online at the discounted rate of £495+VAT from the website

The report is updated four times each year, July, October, January and April. The next edition will be published in October 2009.

Future topics include the 2010 election and what it will mean for housing; impact from rising unemployment; the future of mortgage lending; new models for affordable housing supply and when and how local authorities will re-enter the housing market.