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Telematics save cash.

Quick way to cut fuel costs

Published:  10 May, 2009

HUNTINGDON: Telematics service provider, Cybit, launched a 'White Paper', that shows the impact the combination of computer and information technology has in reducing total fuel expenditure from vehicles, from a customer's point of view.

The price of fuel is continuing its long-term increase. This was caused by April's re-introduction of the fuel escalator tax, the Chancellor's increase in fuel duty by 2p/litre in the Budget and a forecasted 2% rise in oil prices this year as well as a further 1p/litre annual levy. 

Businesses, said Cybit, can turn to fleet telematics to ease these cost increases.<

The white paper is available from Cybit's website and details how fuel costs can be reduced by utilising vehicle telematics to manage routing and scheduling; operational control; speed management; driver behaviour and vehicle performance.

John Wisdom, Cybit's sales and marketing director, said: "An extra 24-miles a week in a 40-tonne GWV will cost a business £42 in fuel, running costs, labour and other fixed costs.

"When these costs are estimated over a fleet of 50 or 100 vehicles working 48 weeks a year, the case for deploying telematics to assist pull-back mileage becomes compelling.

"Companies that have benefited from the strategic analysis of fleet fuel costs include RCS Logistics, Abel & Cole and infrastructure and facilities management companies May Gurney, Axis and Enterprise PLC.

"The technology we provide enables cost savings, and also has the capability of monitoring the emissions that a vehicle produces, which was a key feature in the Chancellor's Budget."