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Batten quality results from John Brash

Published:  02 November, 2012

LINCOLNSHIRE: John Brash has released its most recent set of audited results on the BS5534 pre-graded roof batten, JB-RED. Following on from the controversial independent batten quality report, these results demonstrate the commitment of John Brash to delivering quality battens to the roofing industry.

Until July, internal audits for the BBA certified JB-RED were carried out monthly as part of the quality checking process. John Brash changed the monthly audits to form part of their daily manufacturing and quality checking processes, which ensures that their battens meet the required standards of BS5534.

The £2million manufacturing facility at the John Brash Site in Gainsborough processes over 600,000 pieces of timber used to produce the battens every month. The timber is graded by state of the art laser technology. The facility can grade at 48 pieces per minute which equates to 24km/h or 15 miles/h.

Christian Brash, chairman commented: "Even during economic uncertainty we have continued to invest in the right technology. This investment means we can provide the highest quality product possible. An individual can correctly grade at around 0.5km per hour or 0.3 miles/h but it’s always hard to maintain a consistent level of accuracy due to many different factors. After all we’re humans not robots! Our audit process complements the manufacturing facility and provides a good benchmark for the quality of the product."