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Industry makes call for investment

Published:  13 September, 2012

LONDON: A new campaign, Construction4growth, launched yesterday as new figures reveal the buildling industry in still in deep recession.

Organised by CITB-Construction Skills and backed by over 900 construction industry leaders, the campaign makes the case for investment in construction as a driver of growth.

New figures shows the UK construction industry is in deep recession, with the steepest decline in orders since 2009. During 2012, 45 000 jobs were lost across industry and some 160 000 construction workers are claiming Job Seekers' Allowance at an annual cost to the Treasury of nearly £1bn. There is the potential for a further loss of 82 000 construction roles in the next five years.

Judy Lowe, deputy chairman of CITB-ConstructionSkills, commented: "The Construction for Growth Campaign will unite every sector of our industry in a drive to kick-start activity, work our way out of recession and remind everybody that our industry is a major contributor to economic growth.

"Perhaps the biggest opportunities - particularly for small and medium sized businesses - will come through this autumn's Green Deal. The Government estimates that the number of people employed in the insulation sector alone could soar from 27 000 to 100 000 by 2015 reaching a peak of 250 000 by 2022. Through Construction4Growth we will be working to ensure that the industry is ready to meet that demand," she said.

"It is no surprise that a 10% fall in construction output in the first part of 2012 coincided with the economy's return to recession. The Construction4Growth campaign is our recognition that there is nothing to be gained by accepting decline and stagnation as the norm. The construction solutions are out there and we are going to make sure that we grab every opportunity available."