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Homeowners shun DIY for contractor

Published:  21 August, 2009

MILTON KEYNES:  Good news for merchants comes in survey that shows when it comes to repair and maintenance, home owners turn to local contractors, not DIY.

Research carried out this month for WD-40 shows that when problems strike around the home householders spend over £21.5m annually hiring local professionals to get the household jobs done rather than opting for DIY.

David Whittome, WD-40 UK marketing director, said: "The results of this research were extremely interesting, especially looking at the attitudes towards home improvement in the UK. Traditionally, men are loathe to call in a professional, as they always viewed it as an affront to their manhood. However, attitudes have shifted and they would now prefer to hire someone than have a go themselves and risk making a hash of it, which can be costly."

The research said almost half the British population, 40%, say they do not having the necessary DIY knowledge to do anything more complex than basic tasks, such as painting and putting up shelves.

The Top 10 tasks people cannot fix themselves: are replacing damaged roof tiles, changing a window pane, installing lights, fixing noisy pipes, laying a patio, hanging a door, or fixing squeaky floorboards.

The reluctance to tackle household problems is great news for small contractors whose expertise and knowledge is at a premium.