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Clive Knight, trainer for Planit Fusion at the recent Fusion Care seminar at South Mimms.

Design times slashed by half

Published:  20 August, 2009

ASHFORD: Putting the needs of its customers at the heart of its business, the latest Fusion Care seminars held by leading CAD software specialist Planit Fusion were well received by all who attended.

As well as providing customers with a platform to get to grips with the latest version of the market-leading software for the kbb industry, the seminars also gave Planit Fusion customers the opportunity to learn more about the new training programmes now available to them.

Recognising that for most independent retailers taking time out from the showroom to attend a lengthy two-day training course can be a tricky business, Planit Fusion's new training programme is delivered in three stages: Bronze, Silver and Gold. This modular path of progression offers a more structured learning method than what could be delivered in just a single course and also avoids cramming in too much information in a single sitting.

The Fusion Bronze course is ideal for absolute beginners with a basic understanding of kitchens and bathrooms; Fusion Silver is for those with some experience of the software, who are adept at putting together a basic room design; while Fusion Gold is suitable for experienced designers looking to create top quality images and master all of the time saving techniques that the Fusion software can offer.

Craig Rothwell, managing director of Planit Fusion, says: "We often hear people say I've been using the software for years and can pick it up myself' or I don't have the time to do training'. The truth is, with major advances in technology allowing us to develop the product at an incredibly fast rate, users without even the most basic training in how to use the package could find themselves spending hours experimenting with all the features available whilst still not gaining the true benefits from the software."

He continues: "A properly trained designer who really knows their way around this software can easily reduce their average overall design time by as much as 50% and, when time is money, investing in the right level of training is undoubtedly a very wise investment. We also advise those customers who have completed their Fusion Gold training course to treat themselves to a refresher session every couple of years to ensure they're still getting the most from the software."