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Jermain Cheetham

Timber checking system is one step ahead of regs

Published:  11 August, 2009

READING: Wolseley UK is introducing a web-based system to record information about products, including evidence of legality and sustainability.

The move anticipates likely EU regulations prohibiting trading illegal timber.


Jermain Cheetham, Wolseley's timber and sustainable product policy manager for UK and Europe, said: "It is likely that legislation will be passed within the next two years which stipulates that all timber imported into the EU is from a legal source. We are taking the lead by proactively working with suppliers in the responsible sourcing of timber, to remove the risk for our customers, as well as providing access to a wide range of products from certified, well-managed forests."

The web-based system involves Wolseley's timber suppliers uploading information about all of the products they supply to the company, including providing evidence of legality and sustainability, to measure compliance with Wolseley's Global Timber Policy.

Track Record - an independent, data management and assessment company - supports the suppliers in delivering the data, then verifies the information and evidence to risk assess and 'score' each item - enabling the identification and ultimate elimination of 'high risk' products from Wolseley's supply chain. New timber suppliers must also complete the assessment.