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Peter Turner (L) and Graham Neville (R).

A&G expands team

Published:  25 January, 2012

BIRMINGHAM: Acheson & Glover (A&G) has expanded its team with two new sales managers covering the South East and South West.

Peter Turner and Graham Neville joined in December, boosting A&G’s national presence in the mainland with a team of now eight sales managers, including specification and business development.

Both Mr Turner and Mr Neville bring extensive experience and knowledge to their roles, each having worked in the construction industry for almost 30 years. They join at an important and busy time for A&G as it continues to gain ground in Great Britain and recently won a supplier contract with the H&B Independent Buying Group.

Mr Turner and Mr Neville are both eager to let builders’ merchants know how they can benefit from A&G’s unique range and flexible service. They say: “It’s great to join such an active and focused organisation. In such a short period of time A&G has gained extensive recognition among merchants, which makes our job easier, and the comments are positive – they are keen to listen to what A&G has to offer, which is genuinely different and unique.”