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It's all heading South.

North/South divide creeps south

Published:  17 August, 2010

UK: The traditional North/ South divide is creeping further south as the impact of the recession widens the economic gap in Britain.

The two halves of Britain are split in the study by a diagonal line bisecting the country from near Gloucester in the South West up to Grimsby in the North East.

As government cuts are introduced, towns marginally on the south side of the divide, such as Leicester, Warwick and Lincoln, could begin to struggle and be pushed on to the northern side.

Danny Dorling, professor of human geography at Sheffield University, who led the research, said: "The North/South divide is no longer a vague idea. The recession is exacerbating these differences and I suspect the dividing line will also move southwards as the Government's cuts take effect."

Some experts believed that the banking crisis would narrow regional differences by hitting financial sector workers who live in London and the South East hardest.

The Government bailout of banks has greatly benefited the South as the money has trickled out into the wider regional economy.