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SCA invests SEK 250m in the Tunadal sawmill in Sundsvall

Published:  22 June, 2010

SWEDEN: The investment will primarily be made in a new log sorting line and will yield an annual increase in
production of 140 000 cubic metres of spruce wood products.

The new log sorting line, which is scheduled to be put into operation in July 2011, will result in an increase
of  between ten and 15 employees at the sawmill. The new system will also reduce  noise pollution in the area surrounding the sawmill.

The investment also includes increased drying capacity and minor investments in green
sorting and the three sawlines. On completion of the investment, Tunadal sawmill will make
the transition from two-shift to three-shift production operations.

“I am pleased to announce an investment decision that will mean that employment at the
sawmill will increase,” says Ville Huittinen, Manager of Tunadal sawmill. “In recent years, we
have invested SEK 300m in modern and more efficient technology at Tunadal sawmill. We
have now reached a point at which a further increase in production also requires more

“This investment not only boosts our production and competitiveness, but will also allow us
to increase our share of value-added and customized products. Our goal is to put Tunadal
sawmill on an even footing with the best spruce sawmills in Europe and this investment
represents a significant step in the right direction.”

Planning and environmental terms and conditions for the investment have been finalised and
work to realise the various projects will commence immediately.