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Andrews Air Con puts GB Rowing Team on Winning Track
Published:  09 September, 2014

Andrews Air Conditioning was delighted to have been chosen to supply twenty-five Polar Wind temporary air conditioning units to keep the training base of the GB Rowing Team cool and at an optimum temperature as rowers prepared for the 2014 World Rowing Championships.

The training camp in Breisach, Germany is renowned for having some of the best facilities in Europe, however in previous years athletes had complained about the intense heat and how it had affected sleep patterns. In order to counteract soaring temperatures the Polar Wind units from Andrews Air Conditioning helped keep everyone cool at the GB training camp, enabling rowers to benefit from uninterrupted sleep throughout their stay.

Paul Thompson, Chief Coach for the Women and Lightweights Rowing Team, said: “The Breisach camp was critical to our major event preparation every year. There was a lot of intensive training, successful recovery was key to the rowers’ adaption to the training stimulus. Temperatures can climb into the high 30 degrees which adds an extra physiological stress between sessions and can affect sleep at night which inhibits the training adaption. So, it was a huge boost to us this year to have Andrews Air Conditioning units keeping us cool when we needed it.”

Paul Thompson went on to say that rowers benefited from the camp environment created by Andrews air conditioning and it put us in a good place to go on to win medals in Amsterdam.”

It looks as though the Andrews air con units did play their role as Great Britain went on to accumulate the largest medal tally of any county at the 2014 World Rowing Championship, with 4 gold, 4 silver a 2 bronze, just pipped to number one position by New Zealand with 6 gold, 2 silver and I bronze.

Andrews Air Conditioning is part of the renowned Andrews Sykes group and with more than 25 depots spread across the UK the company is able to respond extremely quickly to meet those planned and emergency situation were temperature reduction is critical. Each Polar Wind unit is extremely compact yet has a nominal cooling duty of 4.1kW, 14,000btu and is ideally suited for an area of 99m3.

The World Rowing Championship is regarded as the highlight of the international rowing calendar in non-Olympic years, so Andrews Air Conditioning is delighted to have assisted the GB Rowing Team’s in preparation ahead of the competition.