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Mirka- Deros
Published:  08 November, 2013

New dust-free sanding solutions from abrasives manufacturer Mirka can help protect users against harmful hard and softwood dust particles, providing a dust-free environment for clients’ homes. 

Durable and economical machines and net abrasives that produce a flawless finish when sanding furniture, cupboards, windows and doors are spearheaded by DEROS, the world’s lightest electric sander in its class, as well as dust-free Abranet Ace abrasives. 

DEROS features a brushless motor combined with patented driving technology, making it suitable for multiple sanding operations and producing a highly effective smooth finish. It plugs into an ordinary power supply and is designed to deliver a rapid, efficient, consistently powerful performance comparable to a conventional 500w electric machine, even under heavy load. The sander has a long lifespan and is low maintenance, with a closed construction to prevent dust from entering the motor, which helps avoid wear and tear damage.