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Peak Hill picks Polypipe for bespoke application
Published:  14 October, 2013

A bespoke project to construct a residential property heated via an air-source heat pump on a hill has allowed Polypipe Plumbing & Heating to showcase how its product range is designed to meet even the most demanding of needs.

Situated on the former Peak Hill Bungalow site in Steventon, the build covers some 350m2. With efficiency high on the list of priorities for the new homeowners, the Beauworth Plumbing team also had to consider the type of underfloor heating they would install.

Michael Lynn and his team from Beauworth Plumbing selected Polypipe’s Solid Floor underfloor heating system and its Modular Heating Panels to provide a modern and efficient heating solution in the new property, which called for a solution that could adapt to the varying floor levels that the hill prescribed.

“When a project is completed to a high standard, it can make a real difference to the environment for the residents of that building,” said Mr Lynn. “We understood the requirements of this particular project were unique given the varying floor levels and the need to heat the property via an air-source heat pump, so there was only one underfloor heating product solution that sprang to mind – Polypipe.”

Working closely with Hampshire-based RMR Builders, Beauworth Plumbing recommended a Solid Floor system for the ground floor of the property as this would not only provide an effective heating solution that could be used in association with an air-source heat pump, but the flexible polybutylene pipe could be adapted to easily fit around the tight bends of the property.

“Effectively, the hill meant that there were two levels to each floor,” Mr Lynn continued. “After speaking with the team at RMR Builders about the individual project requirements, we knew that we required a flexible piping system that was capable of adapting to the unique angles of the property, ensuring that the heat from the pipe traversed the whole floor area.”

Installing the system was quick and easy. Mr Lynn and his team cut the lightweight red plastic panels to size on site, and then simply guided the PolyPlumb heating pipes into the panels before laying over the screed.

“The busy site traffic wasn’t an issue during installation,” Mr Lynn explained. “Because the panel protects the pipe, RMR’s builders were able to continue other works within the property without fear of disrupting the installation, which was a further benefit to using Polypipe’s system above other alternatives.”

As well as installing underfloor heating to the ground floor of the property, Mr Lynn and his team also installed a system to the first floor using Polypipe’s Modular Heating Panels. The supporting floor joists of the suspended first floor meant that a conventional underfloor heating system was not practical, as such systems require no obstructions to the laying of the pipe.

“A lot of people don’t realise that they can have underfloor heating in the upstairs of a property,” said Mr Lynn. “Modular Heating Panels are ideal as the pre-configured solution can be fitted into existing joist voids of suspended floors and are easily connected to a heat source.”

Polypipe’s James Bell added: “The Polypipe systems installed by the team at Beauworth Plumbing were proven to be the best solution for the needs of this project.

“Fitting underfloor heating can often present different challenges, whether that is because of the floor type, the location or the size of the area where the product is to be installed. However, the Solid Floor System was installed very quickly and efficiently, despite the varying floor levels.”