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Graham secures contract with Melin Homes
Published:  22 July, 2013

Following an extensive selection process, Melin Homes in Wales has appointed Graham to supply plumbing and heating materials as well as a range of renewable technologies.

For the team at Melin Homes, it was the plumbers’ merchants’ ability to fulfil varied requirements at a local level, as well as its commitment to support the local community, that led to the eventual partnership.

Melin Homes is a Registered Social Landlord (RSL), which owns and manages more than 3,500 properties across the South West. Graham’s contract with Melin Homes falls under the remit of the government’s flagship energy efficiency scheme, Arbed 2. Over the next three years, the RSL, in partnership with the Energy Savings Trust, will be responsible for energy efficiency measures in up to 1,000 homes each year with an annual budget of £9m.

As such, Graham is supplying a wide range of heating and plumbing solutions as well as renewable technologies such as solar thermal, and air and ground source heat pumps to make the necessary upgrades. Once a property survey has been undertaken, material requirements are sent to Graham’s branch in Ipswich Road, Cardiff. Dedicated staff, who understand the needs of the contract, ensure the necessary materials are delivered to site to ensure contractor teams are able to be as proactive as possible.

As well as meeting the needs of the contract, Graham is facilitating community engagement and support through a unique funding mechanism. Graham, along with key manufacturers from the supply chain, contribute to a Melin Homes community fund, which will be utilised to help make further improvements to buildings across the South West. One of the first projects being funded is the installation of a Solar PV system for a community hall in Caerphilly.

“We’re absolutely delighted to be working with Melin Homes after working alongside them to understand and fulfil the requirements of the Arbed tender process,” explained James Derry, public sector national account manager at Graham. “In addition, Melin and Graham very much share the same core values and so we are looking forward to helping contribute positively to the local community in which we are working.”

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