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Brexit: It’s still all about the economy, says NFB
Published:  25 September, 2017

Theresa May has addressed the issue of Brexit in a landmark speech delivered in Florence on 22 September.

The prime minister has stated that, in order to avoid a cliff-edge exit from the EU, the UK will consider a transitional period of around two years after March 2019. During this time, the UK would continue to pay into the EU budget and abide by EU rules and regulations.

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) has always asked the Government to have economic stability and prosperity as its driving principles, and deliver a Brexit that enables construction SMEs to grow and prosper. This would allow economic growth to be spread more evenly across the regions.

The NFB would also advise the Government against completely turning off the tap on skilled migrant labour from the EU following the UK’s departure from the Union.

Richard Beresford, Chief Executive of the NFB, said: “The government needs to continue working to secure an exit agreement that allows local construction businesses such as our members to build more homes for local, hard-working people, attract more home-grown young talent into the industry, and grow and develop local economies.”