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Mapei’s Mapefer 1k now packaged in Alu-pak
Published:  15 September, 2017

Mapei are now packaging Mapefer 1k in Alu-Pak. Mapefer 1k is Mapei’s one-component corrosion-inhibiting cement mortar for the protection of reinforcing bars.

Manufactured at Mapei’s plant in Italy, Mapefer 1K is packaged in Alu-Pak providing a range of benefits for all involved in the manufacture, supply and use of the product. Using Alu-Pak for Mapefer 1K means a longer storage life of up to 12 months; weatherproof and easy to wipe clean, the new packaging is also sturdier and less likely to rip on site or during distribution.

The Alu-Pak packaging is made up of three layers comprising an initial polyurethane layer, a thin layer of aluminum and a final white layer of polyurethane which can also be printed onto. The combination of these three layers compared to traditional 3ply paper bags makes for a stronger and sturdier packaging, as well as being more economical in terms of the space needed for storage in warehouses and distributors.

Mapefer 1K is a one-component mortar prepared according to a formula developed in the Mapei Research & Development laboratories based on polymers in powder form, cementitious binders and

corrosion inhibitors to be applied on reinforcing bars to prevent rust formation. Product innovation is a key factor in Mapei’s success. Mapei invests over 5% of its turnover and 12% of its workforce employed in Research and Development.

Celebrating 80 years of manufacturing industry-leading and innovative products, Mapei collaborates with architects, specifiers and designers along with Builder’s Merchants to specify the correct materials for each project.