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Take less than three minutes to learn crack stitching
Published:  04 July, 2016

This new short video from BrickFix demonstrates how to effectively use the company’s BrickFix system to repair and stabilise cracked masonry. The video guides viewers through step by step installation instructions.

The BrickFix System consists of a series of helical austenitic steel bars which are grouted into chased-out mortar beds perpendicular to the line of a crack. Once in place, the repair minimises the likelihood of further cracking with the bar absorbing any localised stress.

Along with the steel bars, the BrickFix kits come with a two-part grout, mixing paddle, pointing gun and finger trowel. The helical bars are easily bent which means they can be used to stabilise cracks at the corners of a building or shaped to cope with the irregular masonry of older buildings.