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Engaging your customers with product demos
Published:  28 September, 2015

When customers enter your store it is important to grab their attention, which can go a long way to inducing sales.

One way of engaging your customers is the use of product demonstrations by manufacturers and suppliers. Always popular with tradespeople, product demos provide realistic scenarios of the product in use that help to show off unique selling points, application techniques and the finished result.

Product demonstrations are an extremely effective marketing tool, doing wonders for marketing strategies and initiatives. No amount of text can ever equate to a dynamic visual representation of the product. Using fancy words or an eloquent usage of language is unmatchable to the impact of a live demonstration.

Manufacturers and suppliers making use of live demonstrations, combined with other marketing tools such as leaflets, fliers and videos, can help accelerate the sales process in a short span of time.

Nothing beats a visual step-by-step guide to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of the target audience.

The secret of a good demonstration is user engagement – piquing customers’ interest by giving them the chance to physically handle the product and test it in a realistic environment.

A demonstrator with charisma, personality and in-depth knowledge of the product is also essential. A live demonstration that is interactive, interesting and appealing, and that leaves the audience wanting more, can ultimately lead to sales.

With product demonstrations in the building sector increasingly evolving as a marketing tool, one thing that remains stable is that the content must be fresh and attractive in order for the demo to create a long-lasting impression on the mind of the customer.

Customers must be presented with an innovative and interesting showcase of a product so as to ensure repeat business.

At Dunlop we make product demonstrations a central part of our trade events that we hold at builders’ merchants across the country.

Our product support technicians combine interactive demonstrations with technical advice and product information to help customers make the right choice of product for their projects – whether for tiling or for decorating.

Debi Boulton is sales and marketing manager at Dunlop Adhesives.