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Workers could be owed hundreds in unclaimed rebate
Published:  04 August, 2015

Do you wear a uniform? If so, did you know that you can claim your cash back? If your job requires you to wear a particular uniform or outfit and you have to wash and repair it yourself, then you could be benefitting from a small tax allowance.

To help you make the most of it, Workwear Express has created a Uniform Tax Calculator to reveal just how much you could be owed by the HMRC.

If you haven’t been claiming in the past, you could be due a rebate. For some industries, this could mean that you’re owed up to £100.

The standard rate is £60 for the current tax year, which means that basic rate taxpayers could claim back £12 a year (20% of £60), while higher rate taxpayers could claim as much as £24 (40% of the £60 allowance). Workers in the building industry could be owed up to £96.

You can claim for the last four years plus the current year, as long as you’ve met the criteria throughout that time, possibly resulting in a potential rebate of £60.

Andrew Ward, managing director at Workwear Express, said: “The uniform tax rebate has flown under the radars of a lot of employees in Britain. At Workwear Express, we’re determined to ensure that everybody who wears a uniform for work and has to wash it at home gets the refund that they deserve from the HMRC. We’ve created a Uniform Tax Calculator to help people do just that, so nobody has to be unnecessarily out of pocket because of work.”

To calculate just how much you’re owed and find out how to claim your rebate, visit: