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John A Stephens' Green Energy Centre is open for business.

John A Stephens opens Green Energy Centre

Published:  26 April, 2012

NOTTINGHAM: John A Stephens, the biggest independent builders' merchant in the city, held its grand opening of a new Green Energy Centre. 

The opening ceremony was conducted by Mark Spencer, Conservative MP for Sherwood, and was attended by the merchant's key customers, manufacturers and local and trade press.

"We're not aligned to any one product, so we can help our customers find the right solution for their home or business," said managing director Peter Stephens.

"Think of us as a doctor. Your home is our patient. We give you an assessment of your position and then identify the options for you to choose from."

John A Stephens will provide the customer with an assessor to conduct a complete and thorough assessment of energy usage and to identify what changes can be made in the future to cut energy consumption and carbon emissions.

"Then, the Green Energy Centre will create a Home Energy Masterplan document that contains information that is relevant to the customer and which gives them freedom and a real sense of control over their energy consumption," Mr Stephens commented.

MP Mark Spencer said: "I am delighted to have been invited to the opening of the Green Energy Centre. I have spoken since my election about the importance of Britain's future fuel security and believe passionately that sustainable and renewable sources will play a vital role.

"Renewables must be for everyone and we must work together, Government and industry, to make them relevant, reliable and ready for ordinary British households by informing consumers properly and showing them how they can save energy and money.

"That is why the Green Energy Centre's opening is so exciting and important. Using local advisors and local merchants to help local consumers make real savings in their homes."

Peter Stephens, 2011's recipient of the Builders' Merchants Awards for Excellence Lifetime Achievement trophy, said he saw a "need for a continuation towards green credentials for both his company and the local community".

The Green Energy Centre occupies part of the ground floor of the merchant's newly-built 1000m2 second site. Assessor Rickie Sandford added: "A survey we conducted on our warehouse and offices showed that despite having 100kW array of solar PV on our buildings, we still could identify energy savings of over £6000 a year for a capital expenditure of £15 000. That's payback in less than two-and-a-half years. And, it will reduce out carbon emissions by 48%."