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Bristan taps into the trend to meet installer demand

Published:  19 April, 2012

LONDON: In response to market demand, Bristan has launched two easy-to-install bathroom taps, Acute and Vantage, with Easyfit technology.

With its chrome finish, clean angular lines and cylindrical design, Acute has broad appeal, and lends itself perfectly to the trendy square basin look and square, chunky accessories. In contrast, Vantage is sleek and sophisticated with a long slender lever handle and soft edges would suit any modern bathroom with smooth lines.

Both taps feature Easyfit technology, providing ease of installation compared to a standard tap. The base is secured in place by tightening the fitting from the top using an allen key, which means that installers only need to get underneath the sink to connect the water with the flexible tails included. The tap body is simply secured with grub screws located at the back for a neat finish.

However, the installer can choose to fit the flexible tails first - the advantage is that the connections are lower down rather than under the small cavity under the sink.

Both ranges are designed for first and second fix installation as the tap can be installed in two parts. The base can be fitted first – even before the new suite has been installed. This allows the tiling and sealing to be completed more easily and prevents any accidental damage to the tap body during these final finishing stages. The tap body can then simply be fitted in seconds at a later stage.

As well as being easy to install, both Acute and Vantage feature flexible tails complete with an integral isolator, meaning installers can isolate the water supply without turning it off at the mains, so the tap mechanism can be installed prior to the main body of the tap being fitted. The taps also feature ceramic cartridges for durability, longevity and further ease of use as turning is much smoother.