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Web based vehicle routing and scheduling
Published:  10 August, 2009

WORCESTER: A web-based routing and scheduling package offers merchants fuel savings of up to 30%.

Route Optimiser, unveiled today by the AA and Postcode Anywhere is aimed at business with small fleets including HGVs. It uses AA road restriction data to plot the most efficient routes according to a vehicle height, weight and width.

The part-licence, part-pay-as-you-go service is available from 80 per year for single-vehicle operators with other options available for fleets.

Guy Mucklow, Postcode Anywhere's managing director said: "This software has up until now only been affordable for big-budget businesses... I challenge any haulier to try the software and see the kind of money they're throwing away during every single trip they make without it."

The on-line routing and scheduling system benefits multi-drop delivery operations and trials show journey times, fuel consumption and carbon emissions reduced by 10-30%.