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Fine firm fingered.

Power tool raid

Published:  10 August, 2009

DAVENTRY: Thieves stole £14 000 worth of power tools during a raid at a Towcester Building Supplies on Daventry's Long March Industrial Estate.

The majority of the company's power tool stock was lost during the theft early on the morning of Friday 7 August.

Simon Bullock, branch manager, said: "It was clearly well organised, well planned and well executed. They even smashed the CCTV cameras on our building so we only have hazy, distant shots of their getaway vehicle."

The raiders cut razor wire at the back of the site and entered through the depot roof into the only area where there is high racking. They passed about 100 Makita power tools, Paslode nailers, grinders and saws through the roof and made their getaway in a white Mercedes-Benz van.

The thieves avoided triggering the alarm system by not opening doors or touching the ground. Mr Bullock said: "It's particularly frustrating that they knew exactly which panel to lift to get to the high racking, and not to touch the ground. The power tools are stored in secure crates, which are inaccessible from every angle except from above.

"The police have managed to find footprints, and we are hoping they may also be able to recover fingerprints," said Mr Bullock.

The company holds a list of the serial numbers of every item, so it is hoped many of them will be recovered.

"We only have lower end power tools for sale now, and aren't going to restock the more expensive items until we have reviewed our security measures and installed an even more sophisticated system. We've even checked for the stock on eBay," Mr Bullock commented.

Anyone offered power tools or who might have seen the white van in the early hours of Friday morning should call the police hotline on 03000 111 222.