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Tradesmen get skilled ahead of Green Deal

Published:  03 February, 2012

LONDON: Tradesmen in the south east are brushing up on all things green in the home as TradePoint at B&Q and The Institute for Sustainabilityís FLASH+ programme teamed up to offer free classes to builders in a bid to get them ready for the launch of the Green Deal later this year.

Tradepoint launched the eco tours this month with the aim to give the trade an insight into how households across the UK will be able to 'ecovate' their homes.

An average of £10,000 will be available to every home owner once the Government launches their Green Deal and with this comes the need for tradesmen to be skilled in fitting energy saving products such as solar panels, cavity wall insulation and thermostatic radiator valves.

99 per cent of those who took up the free class rated it as excellent or very good with 68 per cent of tradesmen highlighting that they will aim to install energy saving products into customerís homes within the next three months.

Tradesmen got the chance to visit B&Qís eco two-up-two-down end of terrace house in Eastleigh to see how B&Q has managed to reduce its monthly energy bills from £100 to just £20. The year long retrofit was completed late last year and cost £70,000 to give the house a complete eco-make over, resulting in the house now meeting 2050 energy standards.

There will be an estimated 5.5 retrofits every minute once the Green Deal comes into force with help to break down financial barriers for customers. In order to deliver green deal work and to get the funding, the trade need to be green deal accredited and provide the correct green deal warranties to access finance and deliver service. Builders who are well accredited will be instrumental in creating demand for energy-saving homes and TradePoint at B&Q is determined to make the transition easier for the trade.