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Green Deal funding is on the way

Published:  12 October, 2011

NORWICH: The University of East Anglia has been awarded new funding to research the Green Deal and how to encourage its take-up among consumers.

The £355 000 award from the UK Energy Research Centre will fund research conducted by the Norwich Business School and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the university into the Green Deal, the Government's energy policy to insulate Britain's homes and businesses.

B&Q and the Low Carbon Innovation Centre are also participating in the research. The two-year project will be the first of its kind to evaluate how potential customers can be encouraged to invest in energy efficiency measures through the Green Deal.

The research decision follows doubts from business that the scheme will not deliver the required take-up among cash-strapped homeowners.

"Our study will bring together business, economics and consumer behaviour research to examine how the Green Deal might best engage with consumers, through better understanding why they buy low energy products and how to motivate more people to do so," said Dr George Chryssochoidis of Norwich Business School.

B&Q, which is partnering on the research, will be one of the companies delivering the Green Deal. B&Q is one of the 16 founding members of the Green Deal Finance Company, a not-for-profit venture that will offer cheap loans to households and businesses making energy efficiency investments through the Green Deal.

The Green Deal funding is part of £2m of grants unveiled yesterday by the UKERC for six energy research projects.