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Local firm gains FSC and PEFC timber accreditation

Published:  19 September, 2011

BRISTOL: Kellaway Building Supplies has been awarded FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification) chain of custody certification.

These prestigious awards recognise that the local building merchant can provide customers with a clear history of all of their timber products – from source to shelf – with every link from the forest to the final user certified to ensure that the wood is clearly identifiable.

Timber products will now feature the world-recognised FSC tick tree logo or PEFC logo, which means that the products come from sustainable sources and customers can be confident in the ability of the firm to trace products.

“We’ve always put sustainability high on our list of priorities when it comes to timber”, says purchasing director Bob Fleetwood. “Our customers are increasingly aware of deforestation issues and there is high public concern about the environmental impact of illegal trade in forest products.”

“We are delighted to have the backing of the FSC and PEFC which recognises our work to date and enables our customers to identify, purchase and use timber products from well managed forests.”

The FSC and PEFC trademarks are rigorous industry standards – their labels guarantee the trees that are harvested for timber products are either replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.

Branch manager Nick Herridge has been the force behind the project for Kellaway. “We’ve been working really hard over the last year to prove to the FSC and PEFC that our systems and quality procedures are robust and transparent enough. The criteria have been rigorous and both organisations have inspected our document control, warehouses, packing and labelling, supplier relations and staff training procedures,” he explains.

Kellaway joins a growing list of global companies who recognise the importance of the environmental and social issues surrounding sustainable forest management and who acknowledge the public demand for a reliable wood-labelling scheme.

However, the work doesn’t stop here. As Bob Fleetwood explains, “whilst FSC and PEFC certification runs for five years, all firms with certifications are subject to annual audits to ensure that the meticulous standards are maintained.” He adds, “we are really proud of the FSC and PEFC endorsement and feel really pleased to be doing our bit to protect the nation’s forests for future generations.”