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Also available in women's sizes.

Safety clothing gets versatile

Published:  17 July, 2009

UK: Demand for safety garments and PPE is rising sharply. The need to fulfil higher safety requirements has meant that…

garments need to be more versatile. In response to this, Kansas – Denmark's main manufacturer of workwear, and Fristads – Sweden’s market leader – have launched a range of garments that provide companies with the freedom to choose their own colour combinations.

" Fluorescent workwear has traditionally been compulsory for building contractors, but we are now seeing tradesmen such as carpenters, plumbers and electricians being required to wear safety clothing when entering construction sites", said Jimmy Larsen, key account manager at Kansas.

“Fluorescent safety clothing is normally yellow or orange, but new companies now looking to buy it do not want to be confused with contractors or other companies on site.”

Fristads has responded by allowing companies to choose between three colours - the traditional yellow and orange, and fluorescent red as a new option.

“They can combine these with five different contrast colours, offering much greater design flexibility,” said Mr Larsen.

The EN471 Flex collection is also available in women's sizes, and with four different leg lengths.

There is also great demand for anti-static and fire-retardant clothing, said Mr Larsen. The Flamestat series, combines these two characteristics with reflective strips to make wearers visible in the dark.

There is also a range of fire-retardant underwear. “That way, tradesmen and workers can be fitted with fire-retardant clothing from the inside out,” said Mr Larsen.