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Keep heating systems hidden.

Hidden heating system conquers space problem

Published:  06 October, 2010

MANCHESTER: The Discrete Heat Company's ThermaSkirt is an inconspicuous wet heating system claimed to be both cost-effective and space-saving.

ThermaSkirt is a high-tech aluminium alloy extrusion, with two water-tight channels moulded into the back.

Patented connectors and covers allow it to be installed in a room in a matter of minutes. It connects straight onto a conventional plumbed system, like a steel radiator. It also looks like skirting.

ThermaSkirt is made from an alloy that is said to be five times more effective at passing heat than steel. The warm water from a condensing or combi boiler (gas or electric) soon raises the temperature of the product and the room.

"ThermaSkirt can make the room feel comfortable at lower operating temperatures," said Carlos Melgar, Discrete Heat's South East area aales manager. "This can save a consumer up to 25% on their annual heating costs and significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

"The larger surface area afforded by ThermaSkirt enables renewables such as solar panels or heat pump system to be used. As it is fitted 'above ground' it can be installed in many more existing buildings - something that would be impossible without the upheaval required of fitting UFH."

ThermaSkirt is also with a removable top caulking gasket and bottom cover trim. The colour co-ordinated caulking gasket enables it to be removed for painting and decorating.

The matching bottom cover strip enables cables and wires to be hidden and can be trimmed to accommodate uneven floors."The durable colour-coded covers hide all cuts and joints," said Mr Melgar.

ThermaSkirt is supplied ready-painted in tough, stain-resistant epoxy powder coating in a range of colours and finishes.