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Left to right: Jim Paice MP, Tia Smith (assistant branch manager, Plumbase) and Brett Amphlett (head of policy, BMF) with a Halsted Rainwater Harvesting System.

MP Jim Paice visits Plumbase to 'Go Green'

Published:  28 June, 2010

ELY: Jim Paice, MP for South East Cambridgeshire went to his local branch of Plumbase, one of the UK’s largest plumbing and heating merchants, to see how the trade helps voters make choices to get carbon out of their homes.

Mr Paice toured one of five 'Go Green' showrooms in the company’s branch network. Noting the success of regional director Ian Golden and his staff, Mr Paice said: “I was delighted with the chance to visit this thriving branch of Plumbase in my constituency. Not only is it managing to survive in this tough economic climate, but it shows that ‘going green’ is not only good for our environment, but can also be good for our economy as well.”

Mr Paice remarked that the Government is interested in ways to use natural resources more efficiently, saying: “Carbon emissions from housing have risen by more than 5% since 1997, and currently account for 27% of the UK’s carbon footprint. As a nation, we rate the worst in Europe for wasting energy. One of the most urgent challenges in reducing carbon emissions from housing is to improve dramatically the energy efficiency of existing housing For this reason, the Coalition Government has already agreed to implement a full programme of measures – known as the ‘Green Deal’”.

The afternoon was part of the Builders Merchants Federation’s industry and parliamentary programme. Visit organiser and head of policy at the BMF, Brett Amphlett, explained: “Constituency visits, like Mr Paice’s here in Ely today, bring MPs together with the building materials’ supply chain to gain insight & understanding of each others’ world. We think our industry has a good tale to tell and believe the RMI market – repair, maintenance & improvement – can be the motor to help get out of recession."