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Solar rain director makes debut in Cambs

Published:  21 May, 2010

PETERBOROUGH:'s Solar Rain Director is clamed to reduce the power consumption component of rainwater use to almost nothing.

Instead of the pump in the underground tank feeding the appliances directly, it pumps into a header tank that feeds appliances by gravity.

The pump only runs when the header tank is completely empty rather than every time a WC is flushed.

Rainwater harvesting saves up to 50% of mains water consumption in a home and varying amounts in commercial properties, schools and hospitals.

A small solar panel (the size of small car windscreen), a submersible 12-volt pump and a battery ensure rainwater can be pumped to the header tank without any use of mains electricity. Both the control panel and the pump are powered by the battery. It is kept topped up in daytime by solar power.