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Surge in wholesale petrol prices

Published:  30 March, 2010

UK: The AA reported that the 17% hike in the wholesale price of petrol from early February to March has seen pump prices take off.

Hindered by a weaker pound, upward pressure on petrol costs could lift the price to 120p a litre.

Another 4p increase in the price of petrol, and diesel os imminent, with a scheduled increase in fuel duty and the removal of a subsidy for biofuel producers that will work its way to consumers, the AA said.

Unleaded prices have risen by 4.0p/litre from 112.1p/litre to 116.1p/litre. Diesel prices have also risen, by 3.1p/litre from 113.8p/litre to 116.9p/litre. The price difference between unleaded and diesel has fallen from 1.7p/litre to 0.8p/litre.

London recorded the highest price for unleaded at 116.7p/litre. Yorkshire and Humberside recorded the lowest price for unleaded at 115.0p/litre. Northern Ireland recorded the highest diesel price at 117.6p/litre. Yorkshire and Humberside have the cheapest diesel at 115.9p/litre.

(Fuel price data is supplied by Experian Catalist in cooperation with Arval UK.)