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Timber frame marches on.

Recession-resilient timber

Published:  27 May, 2009

ALLOA, SCOTLAND: The market share for timber frame construction has advanced again, despite severe trading conditions…

It now stands at 25% of all new housing in the UK, according to the interim market report published for members of the UK Timber Frame Association (UKTFA).

The estimate of housing starts for 2008 at around 139 000 units would be the lowest levels of homebuilding for over 60 years in the UK. Non-timber frame methods of construction saw their volumes plummet by almost 40%, timber frame units declined by 29%.

The market share for timber frame has risen for the tenth year, up from 8% in 1998 to 25% in 2008, with the affordable housing sector being a major contributor in this continued growth.  In Scotland, timber frame’s market share is over 75% and still rising.

Geoff Arnold, chairman of the UKTFA and managing director of Pinewood Structures, said: “The timber frame industry in the UK has continued to show its strength, resilience and maturity in 2008, despite difficult times for homebuilding and the housing market.

“When the economic upturn comes and the urgent need for fast, sustainable building becomes even more critical, timber frame looks set to be the number one choice. The timber frame industry can look to the future with real confidence.”

A market report will be published for UKTFA members in the autumn. It will include more detailed information on the performances by country and region, with details on the trend of private and social housing and developments by type of dwelling.