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Scrappage scheme fires up in Scotland and Wales.

Scotland and Wales embrace boiler scrappage

Published:  03 February, 2010

EDINBURGH: The boiler scrappage scheme running in England is set to extend to Scotland and Wales.

The minority SNP government in Scotland offered last-minute investment for a boiler scrappage scheme and made moves to boost housing, education, and business in its budget proposal that is expected to be approved.

And in Wales, the assembly government is considering a boiler scrappage scheme.

Environment Minister Jane Davidson said any such scheme in Wales would put more 'emphasis' on fuel-poor households. There has been a substantial amount of interest in this scheme since it was announced and I want to update people in Wales on proposals to introduce a similar scheme in Wales," she said.

"The Welsh Assembly Government is considering introducing a similar scheme in Wales, and we are currently working up a series of proposals taking into consideration the impact on those in fuel poverty, the relative carbon savings and value for money."